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Shared Address Book Settings For Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a robust, free email program available here. You can access your Shared Address Book in Thunderbird:

Lookup Your Shared Address Book Account Information In Web Mail

  1. Login to Web Mail.
  2. Choose Options.
  3. Under Additional Options, choose Shared Address Book.
  4. Take note of the information in the section titled, Other Software.

Setup Shared Address Book In Thunderbird

  1. In Thunderbird, choose the Window menu, and then Address Book.
  2. With the Thunderbird Address Book window in the foreground, choose the File menu, then New, and then LDAP Directory...
  3. A dialog window should appear with tabs labeled: General, Offline, and Advanced.


  1. Name: e.g. My Shared Address Book
  2. Hostname:
  3. Base DN: Enter the Search Base (bold) line that starts with "ou=" from the Web Mail Other Software section.
  4. Port number: 389
  5. Bind DN: Enter the Account Name (bold) line that starts with "cn=" from the Web Mail Other Software section.
  6. Use secure connection (SSL): Unchecked



  1. Don't return more than 100 results
  2. Scope: Subtree
  3. Search filter: Leave this text field blank. Thunderbird will pre-populate it after the initial Shared Address Book connection.
  4. Choose OK.

Search Shared Address Book

  1. Under the Address Books pane, choose (e.g.) My Shared Address Book.
  2. In the Name or Email search field, enter a first name, last name, or email address to lookup a contact. Alternatively, you can enter an asterisk (*) to list all contacts up to the number of results (e.g. 100) specified in the Advanced tab.
  3. Enter your email account password if prompted, and choose OK.

Download Shared Address Book For Offline Use

  • Thunderbird can download a local copy of your Shared Address Book so that it is available for use when you are working without an Internet connection. Choose the Download Now button under the Advanced tab to download a local copy.