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SpamShield Pro Order of Operations

Messages are processed in the following manner:

  • Approve sender list of client/user (this was a change recently, and will avoid all spam scanning).
  • Edge filter scan for bad IPs and URLs.
  • Anti-Virus scanning.
  • Spam scanning of entire message.
  • Client block sender list
  • Message score/actions based on client setting
  • Email Rules set by the client (in the Control Center) take precedence over user-defined rules (e.g. Web Mail), and SpamShield.
  • User Blocked Senders lists.
  • Message scoring based on spam shield for user level.
  • User email rules
  • Email forwarding.
  • Auto-responder (will only take place on store and forward).

The edge filtering for IPs and URLs and virus/spam scanning cannot be stopped. These will all take place and are automitc, which is why the change was made to approve a sender. If you have issues with continious false positives, make sure to use the FP reporting process.