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SpamShield Pro vs. SpamShield Lite

SpamShield Pro includes advanced spam fighting features not available with SpamShield Lite.

SpamShield Features SpamShield Pro SpamShield Lite

Automatically blocks sources of spam attacks

Intelligent monitors ban specific IP addresses where spam originates.


Reject bogus returned messages.

Selectable Sensitivity setting

Adjust the criteria that SpamShield Pro uses to identify spam.
Fixed to score of 2.5

Move spam to user selectable folder

Automatically send spam to a folder of your choice.

Hide images in messages

Block offensive graphics, and bugs used by spammers to track your activity.

Insert SpamShield Score into message header Works with popular email programs such as Outlook, Netscape, Apple Mail and others.


Approved Senders list

Allow trusted email addresses or entire domains.
500 250

Only accept email from Approved Senders

Instantly turn your Approved Senders list into a greenlist.

Blocked Senders list

Ban messages from spammers.
500 250

To determine if you have SpamShield Pro or SpamShield Lite:

Login to Web Mail, and then choose Options. If you see SpamShield Pro listed as an option under Mail Handling, then you have SpamShield Pro.