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Howto setup SpamShieldPro with MS Outlook

This option gives advanced email users the ability to create an email rule in MS Outlook that recognizes the SpamShield Score to perform additional actions on the junk email.

Note: MS Outlook Express for Windows does not support the ability to filter based on information in the email headers.

Many users of MS Outlook want to be able to see the messages that are being flagged as Spam without having to log into Web Mail. Again, this assumes that you have setup your SpamShield Pro settings to the following settings from within your Web Mail:

1 - Move Spam to INBOX
2 - Insert SpamShield Score into messages as header

From within MS Outlook

Go to Tools > Rules or Rules Wizard

1 - Create a New Rule
2 - Check Messages When They Arrive
3 - With Specific Words in the Message Header
4 - Click on link to add the word: SpamShieldScore

With SpamShieldScore in the Message Header

5 - Select to move the message to a specified folder
6 - Finish

With this rule, when a received message is above your SpamShield Pro Score setting, the message will arrive into MS Outlook with "X-SpamShield: SpamShieldScore" in the email header.

With the Email Rule settings in Outlook, this message will be moved to the selected folder allowing the user to see the messages that have been flagged as Spam by SpamShield Pro.