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Changing SMTP Port Number in Eudora for Windows

If your ISP is blocking port 25 (default SMTP Port) you will be required to use's alternative SMTP port 2525. Unfortunately, there is currently no interface setting for changing port numbers yet in Eudora for Windows. However, it's easy to edit the configuration file directly.

First, close Eudora completely. Then navigate to the folder on your computer where Eudora is installed. (Typically in Windows, this is C:Program Files/Qualcomm/Eudora but your installation may vary.)

Find the eudora.ini file and open it in Notepad or any plain-text editor.

NOTE: If you're uncomfortable about doing this, first make a copy of the .ini file and call it OLDeudora.ini. Then edit the original. This way if you encounter an error, you can always put the old one back.

To change the port for your Outgoing server, find the line:

Just after it, add:
(exactly like that, on its own line)

Save eudora.ini and you're done.