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ReduceFalse Positives

Here are some tips to reduce the chance of a false positive, when SpamShield Pro incorrectly marks a message as junk email:

Add the sender to your Approved Senders list
SpamShield Pro will ignore messages sent from specific email addresses or entire domains on your Approved Senders list. Alternatively, you can use the Email Rules in Web Mail to have SpamShield Pro skip messages based on more detailed criteria.

Adjust SpamShield Pro's Sensitivity
SpamShield Pro considers a message to be spam if its SpamShield Score is greater than the minimum SpamShield Score you set. If you notice that SpamShield Pro is making a lot of mistake (sic), increase its tolerance by raising the minimum SpamShield Score.

Also, please make sure to keep in mind to not fall for an email hoax. Some of these could be detrimental to your computer and account. We may be blocking an email for a reason. If a message is questionable in any way, you can ask support to review this message by doing a false positive check.