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Password Policy

Due to the increase in bad behaviour by spammers and virus creators, security is becoming a more important, needed measure by everyone using the internet. You should always think of making your account passwords as secure as possible.

In April 2012, has set new password policy. That all new accounts must adhere to. All users as of November 2012 should be using our new policy.

New Requirements

At least eight characters in length
No more than 20 characters in length
Contain at least one number [0-9] character
Contain at least one special character from: !@#$%^&*()~`-=_+[]{}|:";',./<>?
Contain at least one upper-case and lower-case letter
Cannot match the account login name or email address
Cannot re-use any of your last 10 passwords.

Password Support

Some support questions frequently asked that can be answered here in no particular order:
1. A white space is not considered a special character. (Other implications may apply, as we have seen on Windows, this may break older OS passwords.)
2. We have no requirements as to what a first or last character can be.
3. Using the password reset feature or contacting support for a password reset gives a temporary password for you to use. You need to update your password still.
4. Per your temporary password, go your web mail account to update your password. The temporary password issued to you is your "Old Password."