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Email Safety Tips

Here are some tips for using email safely and securely:

Choose secure passwords
Control Center passwords is recommended to have 8 or more characters. For email accounts, plese see our Password Policy for more information.

Change passwords regularly
Update your passwords at least every 60 days. It is especially important to change your passwords frequently if you use or manage email on public computers which may be infected with spyware that record everything you type.

Use Anti-Virus
If you have Anti-Virus, your email account is protected by industry leading anti-virus technology that is updated every hour against the latest virus threats. We recommend that you also install and maintain anti-virus software on your computer to prevent infection from floppy disks, CDs, DVDs and other unexpected sources.

Use SpamShield Pro
If you have SpamShield Pro, you can automatically eliminate junk email and block web bugs that track your activity and system information.

Do not reply to spam
In the event that spam sneaks past SpamShield Pro, delete it and forget about it. Replying or attempting to unsubscribe to junk email typically only informs the sender that they have found an active email address to send more spam.

Trust no one
Never give out sensitive personal or account information to someone that asks via email unless you have verified the message's authenticity. Common email scams employ email messages and even websites that look official, but are in fact attempts to steal your identity to commit fraud. Also beware of email hoaxes that not only spread misinformation, but also bog down networks as unsuspecting users forward them like spam.

Always logout of Web Mail and the Control Center after you are done using them or whenever you leave the computer unattended.

Use common sense
And when in doubt, contact technal support.