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Control Center Expire User Passwords

Please keep in mind that's password policy when expiring or changing passwords. Also, please make sure to review the appropriate Control Center guide in the Tutorial Guides section.

Business Mail and Private Label clients can expire all of their users' passwords immediately and/or on a recurring schedule. To do so, log into the Control Center, and then navigate to:

Control Center Home → Manage Users → Expire User Passwords

To Expire All User Passwords Immediately:

  1. Check Expire all passwords now
  2. Choose Expire Now
  3. Choose OK

This action cannot be undone.

To Expire All User Passwords On A Recurring Schedule:

  1. From the Always expire passwords menu, choose a time period (e.g. month)
  2. (To also expire all user passwords immediately, check Expire all passwords now)
  3. Choose SUBMIT

When possible, users will be notified via email five (5) days before their passwords expire. For security purposes, the notice does not contain a link (URL) to the Web Mail login. It is the client's responsibility to inform their users about a regular password expiration policy, and provide instructions on how to access the Web Mail login where they create their new passwords.

To End A Recurring Schedule:

  1. From the Always expire passwords menu, choose never
  2. Choose SUBMIT

Note that some users may have already had their passwords expire; they will need to create new passwords via Web Mail. Some users may have also received their 5-day email notices before their passwords expired in which case they can disregard the notices.

To Change A Single User Password:

  1. Navigate to Control Center Home → Manage Users → List User Accounts → Edit User Info
  2. Enter a new password
  3. Re-enter the new password
  4. Choose SUBMIT

Changing a single user password behaves as if the user changed the password via Web Mail on its own.

Expire User Passwords Affects Access To:

  • IMAP
  • POP
  • SMTP
  • Shared Address Book
  • Web Mail - After users login with their expired passwords, they will be unable to access any Web Mail functionality until they create new passwords. This is how IMAP, POP, SMTP, and Shared Address Book users create their new passwords (via Web Mail).