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Bogus Anti-Virus Messages

We have seen examples of bogus messages that masquerade as infected anti-virus warnings complete with benign file attachments posing as virus payloads. ( Anti-Virus does not generate warning messages.) The latest example is a false anti-virus warning that pretends to be infected with W32/Sober-N:

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Virus found: Your email was blocked

Antivirus protection service has detected viruses in this email. The following attachments were infected and have been removed:

1. W32/Sober-N

If you know the sender, you may wish to notify them that their system may be infected, however the "From" address may be forged.

------------ Original message follows ------------

Subject: Your email was blocked

This is an automatically generated E-Mail Delivery Status Notification.

Mail-Header, Mail-Body and Error Description are attached

*** Server-AntiVirus: No Virus (Clean)
*** "Example" Anti-Virus
*** [Typically, based on your email address domain.]

(Had this message actually been infected by W32/Sober-N it would have been neutralized by Anti-Virus before it ever reached your mailbox.)

See also: Anti-Virus Safety Tips