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Anti-Virus Safety Tips

Effective protection from email viruses requires multiple lines of defense:

Use Anti-Virus

All users are covered by our anti-virus service, for known viruses.

Check For Security Updates

Some email viruses attempt to exploit security vulnerabilities in your computer's operating system and/or email software. For example, W32/Bugbear-B is an email virus that can infect an unpatched Microsoft Windows system without even being opened!

To check for the latest Windows security updates:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Choose the Tools menu.
  3. Choose Windows Update.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to run Windows Update.

(We recommend that you run Windows Update at least once a week. You may also wish to check for adware and spyware.)

To check for the latest Mac OS X security updates:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Choose Software Update.
  3. Choose Check Now.

Install Anti-Virus Software can protect your email account against viruses; however, it is up to you to protect the rest of your system from infection from other sources. Computer viruses can be transmitted via any means that any other software is transmitted, including: P2P (e.g. Kazaa), HTTP (websites), IM (instant messaging), chat (e.g. IRC), FTP, CD, DVD, flash media (e.g. Memory Stick), floppy disks, PDAs (e.g. PocketPC), cell phones, and more. recommends F-Secure Anti-Virus for your computer. F-Secure is a leader in the anti-virus industry, and their software features the ability to automatically update itself to stay effective against the latest virus threats.

Additional Anti-Virus Advice

  • Don't open strange file attachments.
  • Avoid high risk activities such as downloading music and software ("warez") illegally.
  • A lot of spammers will send out messages masking their address and falsify the FROM address by using your domain, i.e.
  • Do not approve your domain name at the top level or client level. (Once our Virus/spam definitions update, you may be vulnerable to attacks on spoofing your domain.
  • Use common sense.
  • See also: Email Safety Tips.