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Publisher Branded Email – Offer Free Email

A branded email service that you can offer for free!

Email has revolutionized communication and is now the most widely used application on the Internet. Large email service providers offer free email to increase traffic, revenue, and member retention. Increase your website traffic, revenue, and member retention today by offering your own fully branded email service!

A Unique Revenue Share Opportunity
Leverage additional advertising inventory and increase your online revenue by sharing in-page ad units. Publisher Mail is advertising-supported so there is no cost to you or your members.

Branded Email Matched to Your Website
Customize the email service to match your website. Our easy to use, web-based administrative tools incorporate your logos, colors, fonts, messages, and more.

A Scalable, Full-Featured Branded Email Service
Everyone.net strives to constantly improve our email services. Each email account includes robust features such as:

  • Advanced virus and spam protection
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Address book feature
  • Rich text editor and dynamic spell checker
  • Simple, web-based administration console

Member Retention
Email increases member loyalty and repeat traffic. Members will return to your website frequently to read and write email. Google, Yahoo! and MSN offer free a email service to their members because they recognize that email increases member loyalty and repeat traffic.

What Websites Are Eligible?
Publisher Mail is available to websites with a large, active US (United States) audience. If you do not meet these qualifications, please review our subscription email service offerings.

Please consult the list of Common Questions about our branded email service, or for more information or Contact Us today.