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Marketing Mail Plus

Welcome to the Mail Plus Marketing Guide. Here's where you'll find a collection of free tools to turn your ad-based users into revenue.

The Strongest Link

When you promote Mail Plus, be sure to use the right link for the right kind of end user.

Existing End Users
When your existing end users want Mail Plus, point them to this link: This secure page lets your end users enter their full email address (e.g. to instantly upgrade their account.
New End Users
When your new end users want Mail Plus, point them to your sign up page link: e.g.

Get the Word Out - It Takes More Than Osmosis

To make Mail Plus members out of your existing end users, here are buttons and skyscrapers galore.

TIP: To upload a banner in your Web client, login to your Control Center and choose Rotate Banner Ad in the email section.
Existing End Users
These ads are designed to run in your Web client and anywhere else that your existing end users frequent.

New End Users
These ads should be placed anywhere potential new users frequent.


Besides banners, here are some other ways to promote Mail Plus.
Login Page
Adding a blurb about Mail Plus on your Login Page (e.g. is as easy as logging into your Control Center and choosing Text & Links in the email section.
Welcome Page Message
The Welcome Page Message is the initial page that everyone sees when they first login to their Web account and is a great place to advertise offers. As a bonus, the text of your Welcome Page Message also appears in your Welcome Email Message that greets first time users. Customize your Welcome Page Message in your Control Center by choosing Text & Links under the email section.
Promotional Signature
Advertising Mail Plus in your promotional signature that goes out with every email is sure to be noticed by existing and new end users alike. Your promotional signature is also changed in your Control Center by choosing Text & Links under the email section.
Send Mail
Announce Mail Plus to all of your opt-in end users via the Send Mail feature found in your Control Center under User Management.

Communicate (With Us)

The Mail Plus Marketing Guide is a continual work in progress that incorporates resources clients like you have requested. Please send us feedback if you have an idea that we should add here.