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Advertising dominates popular email services like Hotmail and Yahoo! and delivers reach to a widely varying demographic. Expand your media plan today and tap into a broad audience of unique and targeted users who pledge affinity to various causes and hobbies. is your solution. powers Internet applications for over 100,000 websites reaching millions of users who venture beyond the confines of traditional portals. Our performance-oriented network delivers a more valuable Internet audience because the typical user is:

  • Adventurous - Dare to explore outside traditional portal offerings and seek out content and information on their own.

  • Active - Return regularly to participate in and shop at their favorite communities, with 38% of them purchasing online last year.

  • Passionate - Loyal fans who sign up for affinity email accounts and actively use them to express their individuality.

  • Web-savvy - Want more than what the portals offer and are experienced enough to find it.

By advertising with, you can:

  • Reach ebusinesses, as well as highly desirable Internet users
  • Take advantage of the highly accurate registration information
  • Maximize your ROI with incredible one-to-one targeted opportunities through diverse advertising and email marketing programs, and cutting-edge rich media opportunities.

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