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Why Email Encryption?

As email has become the preferred medium for enterprise business communications, preventing confidential email content from being leaked in outbound email messages has become an essential component of preventing enterprise data security breaches. Additionally, the number of government and industry regulations requiring corporate email compliance and email security encryption policies are on the rise. Federal regulations (such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA), email encryption security standards such as PCI-DSS and, most recently, state data protection laws such as Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 all require enterprises to protect private data through technologies like email encryption. has incorporated Proofpoint Email Encryption to meet these email encryption compliance requirements.


Why would this service be useful to my users?

Email Encryption solution are ideal for any organization that needs to protect and secure sensitive email messages, while still making secure email messages readily available to appropriate affiliates, business partners and end users—on their desktops and mobile devices.

Standard types of users for this product are: Legal professionals, Health Care providers, finance professionals, or pretty much anyone who has to send private and sensitive data through email. This service, typically only available to large enterprise clients, is now available to small and medium business uses for the first time through


Shouldn't SSL or TLS be enough to secure e-mail?

In an ideal world if every server was properly setup to adopt these security standards to send the message then yes it would. In many cases, your e-mail may be sent to securely, but TLS is unsupported by the remote server, leaving your message unsecured and vulnerable to packet sniffing. For recipients which do support TLS, EDN’s new Encryption package includes opportunistic and for the first time, enforced, TLS.


How does your product work?

Our Email encryption technology encrypts the e-mail message itself and sends it to its recipient in an encrypted format. The recipient will receive an attachment in the e-mail that was sent to them in a format called SecureMessageATT.html which is stored on their machine. When opening this message, the recipient will click on the attachment,the EDN service will retrieve the key and display the encrypted message in a browser window.


You can see our PDF guide to this product here.