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Get Mail on your Phone with one_mobile

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Mobile synchronization for email, calendar, and contacts.


Over-the-Air Mobile Sync
one_mobile is's premium solution for over-the-air mobile synchronization of email, calendar and contacts. The data that you usually access from a desktop computer is now available anywhere you go from your smartphone. Support is provided for popular mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Android mobile devices, and Windows Mobile devices.


Data Synchronization
Data synchronized by one_mobile include email, email folders, contacts, and calendar. one_mobile utilizes push technology to sync data quickly as changes are made from either your smartphone or computer. When combined with our one_sync service, data can also be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.


Remote Administration
With one_mobile, users rest easy knowing that their mobile data is safe and secure. In the event that their phone is lost or stolen, data can be erased using the "Remote Wipe" feature to prevent unauthorized access. Remote wipe tools are available for both end-users and administrators.


Mobile Sync Compatibility
one_mobile is compatible with any Microsoft ActiveSync-enabled smartphone. Official support is provided for:

- Apple iPhone

- Android mobile devices

- Windows Mobile devices


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