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Email Archiving - one_archive

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A simple and intuitive solution for email account backup, storage, retrieval and recovery.


one_archive reduces the complexity of email storage and retrieval to achieve standard personal and business practices as well as assist with compliance requirements. Automatically store and retrieve email data quickly and easily from your control center saving valuable time and money.


All inbound and outbound email stored for anytime access.
Each mail, whether sent or received from any user, is saved for immediate retrieval. Email account Access is quick, easy and secure. Recover deleted emails, access email of an employee that is no longer with the company, or retrieve an email for use in a discovery process.


Email Backup & Message ArchivingPowerful web-based access to your email archive.
one_archive is available anywhere you have a web browser. The advanced search filter makes it easy to find and recover emails based on key fields such as From, Subject, Date and more. Retrieve one or many email messages with a simple command saving time, money and resources.


Integrated with your email solution.
Email archiving and retrieval has never been easier and now it can be done from a single solution. Your email account includes integrated access to one_archive, which makes it easy to use and reduces the overall complexity. One vendor, one complete solution.


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