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Rock-Solid Infrastructure for Hosted Email

The hosted email system is a highly scalable platform for private-label and business messaging services. The platform features a multi-tenant design allowing for high efficiency, predictability, and ease of expansion. Application and Web servers are stateless and horizontally scaled behind multiple redundant pairs of load balancers.

The architecture places great emphasis on minimizing disk I/O (input/output) as messages pass in and out of the system. A single-pass, streaming pipeline allows the delivery of messages to be altered or filtered by system administrators, domain owners, and users. Examples of such components include anti-virus, spam content filtering, URL checking, rate limits, and sieve-based email filters.

Front-end servers provide protocol handling, session state, and business logic. Multiple layers of cache accelerate retrieval of key data for the most common use cases and relieve back-end resources.

Back-end servers include clustered storage servers and databases to provide fast recovery and takeover of state in the event of a hardware failure. Hosted Email Infrastructure Overview

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