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Why Hosted Email
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User Experience and Best Email Service

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Improve the User Experience with Reliable Hosted Email

By outsourcing, you can provide a differentiated, high-quality email service that enhances the overall quality of your customer's experience with your service.

Can secure, full-featured email make your other services look better? Definitely, particularly if customers come to rely on and use the email service heavily. And an unreliable email service can make your other services look worse! Email downtime, spam or viruses will make them suspicious about the care you put into other services as well.


If you have business customers, you have to consider compliance issues including industry-specific regulations that specify data security, availability, protection and retention requirements. Having an outsourced email solution means that your messaging provider is investing the resources to do this, not your own internal staff.

Feature-Rich Email

Messaging providers are constantly raising the bar on what consumers expect from an email service. It's no longer enough to offer a basic POP email account. Users want and expect:

  • Full-featured web-based email
  • Mobile email delivery to smartphones and PDAs

Likewise, business users expect more functionality from their email accounts than they have with desktop email applications, including collaboration tools such as calendaring and additional full-feature, next generation AJAX capabilities.

Your email service must keep pace with changing customer expectations. If you are providing service in-house, you have to keep investing time and effort into the email infrastructure and upgrades - and rolling out new features without disrupting service or reliability.

Partner with, the best email service providers, and leverage our years of hosted email expertise to deliver the best email experience to your users.

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