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Stop Viruses & Spam Email

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Your Email Service Requires Constant Vigilance

The email threat landscape is changing regularly. Viruses, directory harvests, denial of service attacks, mail bombs and other forms of spam top the threat list. is a supporting member of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) who estimates over 74% of all message traffic is abusive email. And The Top Ten: Spam Filter Review 2006 determined that daily spam emails sent worldwide in 2006 totaled 12.4 billion messages, or 2,200 spam email received annually per person.

If you are offering an email service, you have to address security and abuse issues:

  • Spam is costly in terms of bandwidth and storage, while viruses can easily overload and shut down your servers.
  • Your customers and subscribers may stop using their email accounts if spam is out of control or their systems are infected with viruses.
  • And spammers are constantly employing new techniques to swamp mail systems.'s hosted email services provide a comprehensive spam and virus protection suite for both inbound and outbound email. Our multi-layered defense, vigilant Abuse team as well as domain and user-level policy options stop spam before it reaches the Inbox. All for less than the cost of spam software licenses alone!

What are Email Spam Filters?

Spam email filters are software that routinely delete incoming spam email and divert in into your "junk" mailbox. Spam filters, also called "spam blockers", are built into a user's email program. They can also be built into a mail server in which case the spam never reaches the user's mailbox. Email spam filters can trap messages based on different criteria including a sender's email address, specific keywords in the message text or subject of the email, or by the kind of attachment with the message.

The Total Protection suite harnesses the power of SpamShield Pro, which is powered by Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and F-Secure Anti-Virus. This keeps unwanted and harmful spam email away from your Inbox. Total Protection is a standard feature of Business Mail and is also available as an upgrade with our other solutions.

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Learn more about's Total Protection suite.