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CNET NEWS - SaaS Can Help Cash Strapped Companies in Downturn

"In what could be a significant downturn, companies will no doubt look for ways to cut
costs and save cash. Outsourcing infrastructure operations could be one way to do that."

CNET News - Read the article

CED Ups Web Mail 2.0 Offering for Cable Ops

"The Web Mail 2.0 interface is completely customizable and can be branded
for an organization including cable operators, telcos and satellite providers."

CED Magazine - Read the article

E-mail Options

"Get your e-mail wherever you go. supports mobile devices,
and its Web client works with browsers on Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems."

NetworkWorld - Read the article

Outsource the Headache

"For a growing business the answer to e-mail management may be to let someone
else do it. That's where a service provider like comes in."

Small Business Computing - Read the article