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Data Migration & Email Customer Service

Ease of Deployment understands that the migration to a new service can be challenging, no matter the size of the stored email data. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with support in not only the technical aspects of migration, but also in marketing, messaging and customer support. performs over 50 migrations per year and works intimately with our clients to determine their specific migration needs. Our proven philosophy is to work closely with the customer for a seamless transition with no service downtime or user data compromise.'s migration tools offer two simple, minimally impacting methods for rapidly migrating email services to the platform; standard migration and bulk export migration. Both processes involve a small amount of upfront planning by migration engineers and the client to prepare for the appropriate migration. migration engineers will guide the client through all the necessary steps.

Standard Data Migration Services

The standard migration process involves preparation to provision user accounts on our system followed by message migration via POP or IMAP over an internet link using migration tools.

Bulk Data Migration Services

The bulk migration process involves delivering bulk export (BEX) server(s) - small, easily transported server(s) with 500+ GB of mirrored storage and special migration software - to the client for connection to the client's LAN. The BEX is connected to the client's IMAP servers and mail data is exported. Once the data is loaded, the server is returned to and data is imported into mail stores.

For both migration processes, provides detailed documentation and a commitment to meet 100% of our client's migration needs.
 provides email customer service and support in technical aspects of email migration and more. Our data migration services are a seamless transition with no service downtime or user data compromise.